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Prokip has great features like accounting and bookkeeping, Point of sales, CRM, Invoicing solutions, Payment Solutions and lots more... which help you eliminate manual and stressful work and grow your business faster

Here Are Some Benefits of Using Prokip In Your Business

  • Automatically store customers records, manage credit sales, send payment invoices and receipts
  • You’ll know exactly how much is being sold every single minute of the day without spending hours keeping paper records that can easily be manipulated
  • You’ll know exactly how many stocks of each product you have in your store or warehouse and get alerts when they’re about to finish or expire
  • You’ll be able to track the sales and cash flow easily without a mistake
  • You’ll be able to manage other branches of your business in one platform
  • And you’ll be able to prevent your employees from stealing your products and money even if in your absence
  • And lots more...

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