Here is an easy way to prevent employees from stealing, track sales, Purchases, stock and grow your business with ease

Imagine having a Business where you can use a single click to tell what items are left in your store or warehouse  without having an iota of fear that your employees will steal your products & money

Want to get more money from your business with more time and freedom?

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Here is what you probably don't know

if you fail to setup an accounting and business management software like Prokip (Formerly ProwebPOS) in your business today

Either you loose 20-110% of your profits to your own employees who will always find ways to exploit your business

Or sacrifice your time, freedom and rest of mind always thinking about your business growth and how to prevent it from   losses

There is an easy way to scale your business faster and even prevent your employees from stealing a dime from you 

 without all the manual stress,  tedious work and failure in keeping your business records.

Every business on earth needs an accounting software in todays world whether you are a small business,  growing company or a big brand

With Prokip (Formerly ProwebPOS), you have more than just an Accounting software 

Unlike other accounting software that helps you with only accounting and bookkeeping solution  

Prokip goes beyond just that, 

While it can handle your accounting and bookkeeping need required for your business 

 Prokip is designed to help you Monitor,  Automate and grow your business faster with ease

 With dedicated features, customizations that fits your needs and modules made specifically for your own type of business  

Prokip is robust and yet very simple to use without accounting or even computer knowledge at all

Its literally, the simplest tool according to over 20,000 business owners like you


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Rest assured  your products and money can never be compromised

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