Would You Like to TOTALLY Get Rid of Employee Theft, Manage and Grow Your Business?

Now you can avoid ALL the mistakes most business owners make which lead them to bankruptcy...

Thanks to Prokipthe best accounting and business management software made for business owners in Africa

African Entrepreneurs Love Using Prokip


Prokip is the #1 reason my business is still running today. It saves me from the tedious work of accounting and business management and all the issues I used to have with my employees giving me inaccurate accounting

Ugochuckwu Johnson


I can see exactly what is happening in all my stores even when I’m not there physically. Prokip helps me have 100% control over my business.

Mariam Ahmed


Prokip has really helped me to automate, monitor and grow my business faster without stress. This is the best software I have ever used in my business

Stephen Akpan

So, Why Use Prokip?

Let’s face it – A business without proper accounting and management software is like a ship without a captain, lost and not sure where to go, facing many risks.

That’s Where Prokip Comes In.

This is NOT one of those crappy software – those software that promise you success and leave you with frustration and disappointment…

Prokip is different.

It combines all the tools your business needs in a single package that makes running a business feel like less work

Prokip Is The Secret To Your Business Success

It’s the difference between the 97% of businesses in Africa that go bankrupt within a few years of operation and the 3% that don’t and become more successful!

Running a Business Without Prokip
  • No Accurate Records
  • Loss of Products and Profits
  • Loopholes in Your Business
  • Employee Theft
  • No Freedom

Running a Business With Prokip

  • Manage Inventory
  • Retain More Customers
  • Faster Payment Process
  • Increase in Sales
  • Total Control in Your Business

Join Over 20,000 Companies from Small Business to Big Enterprise Using Prokip

We believe every business owner deserves to be profitable and succeed in business.

Our mission is to make it impossible for anyone to steal your products or money from your business

But That’s Not All Prokip Does...

Prokip Gives You Everything You Need To Sell More And Grow Your Business Successfully

All In One Convenient Spot!

With Prokip…

  • You can automatically store customer records, manage credit sales, and send payment invoices and receipts
  • You’ll know EXACTLY how much is being sold every minute of the day WITHOUT spending hours keeping paper records that can easily be manipulated by anyone
  • You’ll know exactly how many stocks of each product are in all your stores or warehouses and get alerts when they’re about to finish or expire
  • You’ll be able to track ALL sales and cash flow easily without a mistake
  • You can sell and attend to customers faster even without a network connection and you operate in a village
  • You’ll be able to prevent your employees from stealing your products and money even in your absence
  • And much, much more…

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