Here’s How to Stop Employees Theft, Mismanagement of Funds And Loss In Your Business

Now you can grow your business successfully, have more freedom and enjoy the life you really deserve!

Dear Business Owner,

If you’d like to protect your business from going bankrupt, then it’s important you read this message without hesitation…

Here’s why:

As you already know…

Nowadays, lots of businesses are shutting down.

The rate is higher than ever before

And you know why?

It’s not actually because they are not making enough sales…

But because of…

Unknown Employees Theft & Mismanagement of Business Funds

Most business owners invest a lot of money in their businesses…

And they work tirelessly without results because someone else is eating their profits.

Think about it...

If your salesboy or salesgirl steals just N1000 daily from your business…

That’s over N300,000 GONE at the end of the year. (that’s if it’s just N1,000 they are exploiting from your business)

What if you have more than one employee stealing from your business without you knowing? 

Well, it’s a matter of time before your business shuts down.

And if you think CCTV cameras will save your business, then you’re joking

You see…

Reports have shown that some employees go as far as adjusting stock inventory, manipulating sales transactions and expenses so they don’t get caught.

Truth be told:

Your employees will always want to exploit your business...

Not because they hate you

But because they will always need extra money. 

Their salary will never be enough even if you think you are paying them well enough.

(Remember, human wants are unlimited)

But don’t worry…

Now you can have 100% control over your business.

Prokip is all you need to run a successful business

Prokip is a powerful accounting & business management software that helps you monitor, automate and grow your business faster with ease

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  • Automatically store customers records, manage credit sales, send payment invoices and receipts
  • You’ll know exactly how much is being sold every single minute of the day without spending hours keeping paper records that can easily be manipulated
  • You’ll know exactly how many stocks of each product you have in your store or warehouse and get alerts when they’re about to finish or expire
  • You’ll be able to track the sales and cash flow easily without a mistake
  • And you’ll be able to prevent your employees from stealing your products and money even if in your absence

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Prokip is built with a hybrid feature that allows you to work offline and online.

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