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Prokip is an all-in-one business management solution integrating bookkeeping, Point of sales system, inventory Management, Accounting, CRM, and More tailored for businesses like yours in Nigeria and Africa 

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With Prokip, you can

Manage sales with Prokip

Manage Sales & Inventory

Sell to customers faster and keep accurate records of every sales transaction and inventory across all your business locations

Prokip helps you manage business transactions

Track business Transactions

Get all the financial and transaction reports that matter most in your business from anywhere you are, with insights about how your business is performing

Track Transactions with Prokip

Grow your business faster

Increase your profits and Get more sales with integrated CRM, Marketing, and payment solutions that keep your customers happy and coming back for more

Highly customizable & Tailored for you

 Prokip gives you all the features and options needed to make it work the way you want and exactly how your business operates with no limits

Works offline

With the offline feature, you can Sell and attend to customers faster  even without  network connection and then access all your sales transactions from Anywhere you are    

Free desktop App

Built for wholesale and Retail stores with traffics

Always in sync

Automatically Backups and synchronizes every sale online in the background

What Other buinesses say about Prokip

Prokip is all you need to run your business in one app


Record sales with ease and track purchases, sales, Profits, expenses and all your business transactions

Inventory Management

Manage all your products and know exactly how many products are left, sold or about to finish and expire

Point of sale system

Sell & Attend to customers faster with Printers, barcode scanners, cash drawer & POS Terminals

Billing & Invoicing

Send bills and Print customizable invoices for your customers in your brand name


Manage all your product's production cycles and easily track the raw materials used


Grow, Retain more customers, and recover debts easily with due payments reminders and followups

HRM & Payroll

Take employees attendance, Automate their salaries and manage their records


Convert more leads and acquire new customers using email and Sms marketing campaigns

Payment Solutions

Accept integrated online and in-store payments for all your sales, invoices, Payroll, and more

Integrates with Promonie

Promonie is an integrated Online and in-store Payments solution for both business owners and ends users with multiple payments channels and options 

Built for you and all types of business

Whether you are just a small business, in retail, wholesale, distribution or own a restaurant, bar, school, hotel, service-based business, or a company, big or small,  Prokip has all your business need to grow with ease 

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