What's New in Prokip Desktop


– Added suspend Feature  to hold and suspend sales attending to multiple customers

– Added Offline Register Feature with online integration 

–  Added  Invoice Design feature integration for  customization and  invoice design options 

– Added Promonie Payment feature  to accept Automated Bank transfer payments with support for Sales Points user type 

– Added Payment Accounts feature to allow sales payments into Accounts 

– Added Advance Balance Feature to enable advance balance as payment method on POS Multi-pay 

– Added Dual Screen Feature with a customer display screen for Point of Sales devices with Double Screen 

– Added Offline Login feature to enable users to log in without an internet connection after the first login

– Added Service Staff Feature

Added Sales Commission Agent feature 

– Added Add Expense Feature to enable adding expenses directly from the Desktop

– Added Offline Quotation feature 

– Added Drafts Feature

Added offline Stock Management feature to prevent selling items beyond the available quantity when the user is not connected to the internet


– Brand New design with  Intuitive UI 

– Added Recent Product API to only synchronize new changes made on the web app back to the desktop app 10X faster without syncing all the Products available for every change made 

–  Improved Invoice No with sync Errors handler 

– Improved Selling Prices groups to allow selling at different prices and units on the same invoice  

– Added Auto-scroll to the last item when adding items for sales on the POS Product row

– Added Individual Error Report to every invoice on the List POS Sales 

– Reduce  Application Package Seize from 500Mb+ to 109Mb 

– Moved the Updates center to the login page to allow updates downloaded without login  

– Added Component Download Manager to download additional Components required for SalesPoints Admin 

– General  Improvements on the desktop app and API Performance 



– Mismatch Syncing errors Fixed 

– Sales With related Sub units appear online with negative values fixed 

– Can’t sell with different selling price groups on the same invoice line Fixed 

– Accounts with a large number of Products freeze on Sales Points Admin Resolved 

– Invoice disappearing issues Fixed 

– All syncing issues and related errors Fixed 


Features Review in just 8mins
How to install the new desktop App


Step 1: Sync all Pending Sales on the current desktop app and then uninstall completely 

Step 2: Download the New Version from Here and install  

And that’s all for Single user 

If you are using the ServicePoints (Now SalesPoints )  then you will be required to Go to your programs, then find SQL Server, and uninstall it completely

Then follow the next step


Step 3: Allow salesPoints and Click on Install Additional Components to start downloading the new version of  Mysql required to run the Salespoints 


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